3 Powerful Stories of Cancer Survivors

These stories will inspire You to NEVER GIVE UP!

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By Sarika Boora

It’s not often that when you are reading about cancer it is positive or good news in general. However, during the last 40 years, survival rates of cancer patients have doubled. That’s great news!

Additionally, reading about people who have faced cancer and come out victorious on the other side is good enough news to turn the topic of cancer into a more positive note.

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What’s more, when you hear about all the remarkable things these survivors have done while fighting the disease, you can’t help but feel good about their new zest for life.

#1. Catherine Dimino

Catherine Dimino received her shocking cancer diagnosis at the age of only 29 years old. Blood tests revealed that her liver and pancreas were not in great condition. After six months of various other tests and scans, and many procedures, doctors finally found a 5cm tumor.

Tests confirmed that it was Stage 2B pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Catherine underwent a year of chemotherapy and scans show that she is now cancer free.

Through her ordeal in and out of hospitals and meeting a few nurses who were cancer survivors themselves, Catherine has decided to go back to school to pursue her new calling of becoming a nurse.


#2. Brett Simpson

Diagnosed in 2007 with late-stage Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He used cancer as an opportunity for change, to improve his life and others. Staring death right in the face was all he needed to see the true value of his life.

Brett has implemented change in his life from cutting out meat and alcohol to meditating daily. In turn, he helps his own clients to implement big changes in their lives for the ultimate positive change.  

His cancer journey opened a new world for him which he now uses to promote positivity in the community around him.

By Cancer Truths Tube

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#3. Alyssa Davies

Ten-year-old Alyssa received the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2014. When Alyssa had started feeling unwell, her mother, Angela says that they thought she might have had the mumps.

But upon receiving the diagnosis, Angela remembers thinking only one thing: they were going to lose their daughter.

Alyssa was strong throughout her treatment and focussed on researching cancer. She was a part of a cancer research trial which helped her to become cancer-free by 2015. Alyssa then went on to be celebrated with an award nomination for Cancer Research UK Star. Alyssa now appears in campaigns for ‘Give Up Clothes for Good’ in the UK.

By Cancer Research UK

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