5 Most Romantic Ways to Propose

We Do. Do You?


By Jennifer Havener

any women have mapped out the details of their wedding since they were a little girl; what the dress will look like, the location, right down to who they will marry. (Sorry, ladies, the Biebs is taken.)

But before a wedding can happen, a proposal has to happen. Proposals can be complete out-of-the-blue surprises or one you know is coming but you’re not sure where or when.

woman with ring and coffee mug - reads does this makes me look engaged

If you think your significant other needs a little nudge and inspiration, here are 5 romantic proposal ideas:

#1. Beach At Sunset

Sure, it’s a little cliche, but the beautiful backdrop of a sun sinking into the horizon can’t be more romantic. Depending on the season, the color of the sun will be the stark, bright white of winter or varying shades of pink in the summer.

You can add some flair to your beach proposal by building sandcastles incorporating the ring or writing the proposal in the sand. Or a simple walk on the beach ending in a surprise proposal.

#2. Involve Your Pup

If you have a dog, you already know that they love to be involved in everything. Why not use that to your advantage and have a Fido-led proposal?

Tie the ring box around your pup’s neck with a note saying, “Will You Marry Me?” No one can say no to puppy eyes!

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#3. On a Scenic Hike

Some people want to propose at ocean level; others want to climb the highest mountain to get down on one knee. If you’re a couple who routinely hikes or engages in other outdoor activity, a scenic hike won’t ruin the surprise.

Just make sure the weather is somewhat nice. Only movie characters like to be proposed to in the pouring rain.

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Surprise Proposal 💍😍 Read below how it all went down❤️😘 "I knew you at four years old. Our families have known each other before Austin and I were even a thought. One time I was so excited to see him, I loudly pronounced, “I’m going to marry you someday!” as he and his sisters walked in the door. I didn’t realize that our families would remember my 4-year-old exclamation 21 years later. Or that he would be on a knee, in the middle of a waterfall asking me to marry him. Throughout our life we have kept our friendship, but our affections a secret. However, this past year we closed an arcade bar talking about our personal growth the past few years and at the end of the night he had pre-written a letter expressing his feelings about me. This man is the definition of romance and the past 8 months have easily been the best of my life. I had been coordinating with Emily to take couple photos with Austin in Southern Indiana. I thought it'd be fun to capture some moments and the joy of life right now. We got our pop-up camper ready and drove down to Lieber State Park for a weekend camping trip and some rad photos. I had absolutely NO IDEA that Austin had been preparing a surprise proposal with Emily for the last MONTH! I was shaking, crying, and laughing for an hour afterwards. I love this man and couldn’t imagine that day being more perfect.- Onna Drake “This is so Romantic💍😍Swipe Left to see all the Photos & Tag your girls who would Love to see these photos🥰😊 … Our Congratulations to @onna_anderson 📷 Images by @emilyharyphotography Tag 👉🏻 @she_saidyes & #she_saidyes to be Featured😍 … : : : #mrandmrs #thehappynow #fiance #xoxo #photoday #instago #photooftheday #lifeisbeautiful #instalove #happygirl #luckygirl #beautifulday #happytimes #flowergirl #amazingday #loveislove #wedding2019 #lookslikefilm #forever #yes #congrats #updo #smiles #celebrations #happypeople #enjoylife #specialday #surprise

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#4. Where You Had Your First Date, First Kiss, Etc.

For a more personal proposal, take your love back to where you had you first met, had your first date or even your first kiss. Sure, a random sidewalk might not seem so romantic to anyone else except for the two of you, which is actually super romantic.

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Real Proposal Story, Read till the End 😍 "I've been an avid reader since I was a kid. My favorite place in the world is our local bookstore.📖 It has a rustic wooden interior with ladders attached to 12 foot tall bookcases and fireplaces everywhere-essentially the most picturesque bookstore you can imagine! In our 2 years of dating, Tyler & I have countlessly found ourselves wondering into the store 'just to look around'.👀 One day we had lunch and then decided after to pick out a book for each other. Tyler went straight to the mystery section and started browsing. Then, out of nowhere, he pulled out a journal that we had written back and forth in for the past two years. In the journal he wrote "I know I'd regret it if I didn't try…" (which were the words he said to me right before he kissed me for the first time on our 3rd date!). He was nervous, I was nervous, but it just magical in that moment as it did back then. Attached to the journal's ribbon bookmark was the ring.💍 It was at that point that he asked me to marry him, and through happy tears I joyfully yelled YES!"😍This is so Romantic 💍❤️😃Double Tap to Congratulate this Sweet couple ❤️😍 . 📸: @jakemeyer Congratulations @jamiechristianofficial & @tash_slinging_slasher ❤️ . Follow 👉🏻 @she_saidyes for more 😘 . . #weddingcountdown #weddingprep #2019bride #misstomrs #2020bride #newlyengaged #isaidyestothedress #weddingadvice #soontobemrs #weddingdressgoals #marriedmybestfriend #wifeforlife

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#5. At Home In Your PJs

If you or your partner are shy and eschew public spectacles, a simple at-home proposal can be just as romantic as one in front of the Eiffel Tower.

It might be a little risky, but one idea is to put the ring on your significant other while they are sleeping and wake them up with flowers and champagne.

#Bonus Idea: Role Reversal

It’s 2019, ladies; if you like it, you can put a ring on it too…

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