Outrageous News Anchors

Show Off

Charissa Thompson knows sports. This athletic sports show host took a moment to exercise her right to show off. Are you impressed by her, um, athleticism?  Click Next Page to see the news anchor who wore her pants just a bit too tight…

The Frontal Wedgie

Solar Powered

NASA outfitted this meteorologist’s dress with black solar panels. She generates enough heat to power two small countries and a condo in South Beach. Hot!

The Sharon Stone Moment

This TV personality tried to recreate that most famous scene from Basic Instinct. Just look under the transparent desk. Sharon did it first, but did she do it best? The verdict is still out.

All Washed Up

Drop the anchor(person)! While trying to sit politely on the side of a boat during an interview, this reporter slipped and it was all over but the dry’n.

Butter Face

We think this news anchor took the wrong person’s parking space today. Everything seems to be in order and shown in the best light…but her face.

100% Chance Of Cleavage

Today’s weather forecast is partly cloudy with a severe chance of wardrobe malfunction. The weather advisory suggests taking cover to avoid any flying buttons.

Sock Monkey Socks!

Who would have guessed that a cute little monkey could pack such a wallop? This guy showcased one heck of an uppercut on live television.

Ahoy There Handsy!

This reporter was unexpectedly groped by a random pirate on live television. We hear she stole all his rum then made him walk the plank.

Cat Fight!

These ladies were not happy with each other for showing up to work in similar outfits. The fangs came out and two of them hissed at each other on live TV. Meow!


This reporter performed an impromptu karate lesson while trying to fight off a swarm of pesky cicadas. We think she was earning her insect belt.

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