The Way You Hold Hands Says A Lot About Your Relationship

Because we all know that body language speaks more than words.

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By Renee Brown

There are many ways for partners to hold hands and keep each other close. And they tell you a lot about your relationship. Here are just a few of them.

#1. Interlocked Fingers Hold

This is a very intimate way to hold hands with your partner. It’s close and passionate. And truly shows the deep connection between the two people. It shows that the pair are not just two people anymore, they have become one.

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#2. The Downfacing Palm Hold

This one shows the dynamic of the relationship, the dominant hand is, or the hand facing downward is, you guessed it, the dominant partner! and the other is the person in the relationship who happier with following. This relationship is built on a deep trust.

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#3. One Finger Hold

This is for the playful, flirty, and independent couple. They are happy together, and they are happy apart. Showing that they are in a trusting relationship. One that supports the others dreams, ambitions, and wants to be with them in their unique adventure. Be warned, that one finger may be exhausted at the end of the day.

#4. Relaxed Interlocked Finger Hold

A mixture between the one finger hold and the interlaced hold, this one perfectly combines independence and passion. It shows that they don’t just want to be with this person, but they need to be, without letting it consume their entire being. This one feels very relaxed and easy, something that relationships should be.

#5. Over The Shoulder Hold

This one is a little more than a hand holding, this is when one of the partners wraps their arm around the other’s shoulder and holds the hand from the other side. This shows that the partner in the dominant position wants to protect their lover, by any means necessary, so they wrap them in a protective shield. If you are the one being protected, just know, it’s very cozy and warm.

#. In Conclusion

Hand holding can be a very important part of a relationship, so make sure that however you are doing it, feels comfortable and right. Enjoy the sweat the squelches between both of your palms. Enjoy the jealous looks from single people. But never let him or her hold you back from food.

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